How Do We Best Survive with Apex Predators? #DoNowUPredators

Do Now U! How Do We Best Coexist with Apex Predators?

NCSCE and KQED are partnering on Do Now U, a project that engages undergraduate students in online discussions through social media about current scientific issues.

This week’s Do Now U asks, “How Do We Best Coexist with Apex Predators? The post, written by Claire Huebler, Bri Pero, Sara Sandfort and Julia Zamora, students in Steve Bachofer’s Urban Environmental Issues class at Saint Mary’s College of California, urges humans to consider the dangers of coexisting with apex predators, and the dangers of driving them away.

Apex predators such as mountain lions, bears, and wolves do pose threats to people and their pets and livestock. These predators also play a key role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem. When it comes to apex predators, how do we balance their dangers with their benefits?

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