Who We Are, What We Do

NCSCE is a national non-profit organization that supports a community of teachers and learners in all sectors of STEM education (k-12, undergraduate, informal, and graduate). Through professional development institutes, topical symposia, materials, workshops and mentoring activities, we help educators in and outside the classroom improve their educational practice by connecting  STEM learning to real-world issues of civic importance.

NCSCE programs put STEM into context, so what is inaccessible becomes accessible, what is uninteresting becomes interesting, and what is abstract becomes concrete and meaningful. Our aim is to empower learners by showing them that their knowledge matters, and what they learn today can help solve some of the biggest problems of tomorrow.

Our Initiatives


Our signature undergraduate initiative, SENCER, connects STEM content to real-world issues.

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SENCER-ISE supports collaborations between formal education (colleges and universities) and informal education (museums, zoos, wildlife centers, etc.) to show students and the public that learning happens everywhere, not just in the classroom.

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Engaging Mathematics

Engaging Mathematics courses make math accessible and relevant to students by showing them how it relates to issues they care about, such as sustainability, racial profiling, social justice, and international ecotourism.

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Transcending Barriers to Success

Transcending Barriers works to establish and advance robust partnerships between indigenous populations and local educators to improve educational outcomes for all students, promote cultural understanding, and foster lasting collaborations on issues of common concern.

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Through GLISTEN, undergraduate students take the lead in improving the health of the Great Lakes through restoration and stewardship activities part of on-campus coursework and in partnership with government and community-based organizations.

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Our Reach

NCSCE's community is made up of colleges, universities, K-12 schools, museums, wildlife centers, science and education organizations, and more. Find community members near you.




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