Science and Engineering for Social Good 2018 Selected Presentations

The following are materials from authors of presentations for the 2018 Science and Engineering for Social Good conference.

Bee Inspired Summer Internship Program
by Jennifer Leavey of the Georgia Institute of Technology
Bridging the Human Rights & Engineering Fields
by Shareen Hertel of the University of Connecticut
Engineering and Policy Analysis: Intertwining Math and Models with Political and Strategic Decision-making
by Bert Enserink of Delft University of Technology
Experiential Learning Programs at Stony Brook University
by Carrie-Ann Miller of Stony Brook University
Fostering Diverse Communities at Research Intensive Institutions: The Center for Inclusive Education as a Community Building Space for Underrepresented Minority Scholars
by Toni Sperzel and Karian Wright of Stony Brook University
Integrating Science, Engineering and Liberal Arts through Grand Challenge Scholars Program
by Karen Oates of Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Learning without Borders: A Qualitative Exploration of a Service-Learning Collaboration Between Healthcare and Computer Science Students in the Dominican Republic
by Patrick Burns, Courtney Cox, Patricia Devine, Sarah Lenahan, and Panos Linos of Butler University
Nurturing Citizenship and Partnership thru Biology
by Emily Weigel of the Georgia Institute of Technology
Plenary Session I: Engineering for Social Good
by Norman Fortenberry of American Society for Engineering Education
Plenary Session II: The VIP Program: Large-scale, Long-term, Multidisciplinary Projects Supporting Civic Innovation
by Ed Coyle of the Georgia Institute of Technology
Plenary Session III: SUNY LSAMP Broadening Participation in STEM
by Candice Foley of Suffolk Community College, Shanise Kent of University at Albany, SUNY, and Stacie Nunes of SUNY New Paltz
Plenary Session V: Transformational not Transactional: Sustainability & Civic Engagement at Georgia Tech
by Jennifer Hirsch of Georgia Institute of Technology
Project Courses with Public Impact
by Pinar Keskinocak of Georgia institute of Technology
The Impact of Septic Systems on Long Island's Aquifer- An Interdisciplinary Study
by Candice Foley of Suffolk County Community College
The Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence: Bringing Engineering Out into the Community
by Lisa Chichura of Stony Brook University
Training Engineers for Community Engagement
by Thomas Woodson of Stony Brook University
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE): Undergraduate Academic Excellence through Curriculum, Service, Research, Mentoring, and Leadership
by Angela Kelly of Stony Brook University