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Do Now U! Should We Bring Back Extinct Species?

NCSCE and KQED are partnering on Do Now U, a project that engages undergraduate students in online discussion through social media about current scientific issues.

This week’s Do Now U asks, “Should We Bring Back Extinct Species?”

The post, written by Justine Stewart, Ryan Kirchner, Justin Marquez and Jenna Molesko, students in Melanie Lenahan’s General Biology class at Raritan Valley Community College, asks readers if we should bring back extinct species.

Supporters of de-extinction say that it could improve the environment. The restoration of extinct flora and fauna to the Tundra could slow the rate of melting permafrost and slow the rate of global warming. Opponents of bringing back extinct species think that it may make people less concerned about  future environmental destruction. Additionally, opponents argue that we can’t fully predict the environmental impacts of bringing back extinct species.

Is it worth the time and the money to bring extinct species back? Is it our moral obligation to bring back species driven extinct by human activity? What about species driven extinct by other causes? What would be the implications? Are you in favor of de-extinction? Why or why not?

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Photograph by Mauricio Anton, courtesy of PLOS

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