SCI-Midwest Spring 2017 Meeting Considers New Opportunities for SENCER Regional Activities

by Robert Seiser, SCI-Midwest Co-Director

Twenty SENCER newcomers and alumni gathered at Roosevelt University on April 8 for an extended roundtable discussion on “The present and future of SENCER,” sponsored by SCI-Midwest. Facilitated by NCSCE executive director Eliza Reilly and SCI-Midwest co-director Robert Seiser, participants identified concepts and ideals that unify the SENCER community in the Midwest and discussed ways in which the work of SENCER can become more visible and impactful at both the local and regional levels. Topics included enhanced communication/networking, collaborative funding opportunities, regional implementation awards, increased student involvement, theme-based curricula, and improved coordination of SENCER activities across institution types, educational levels and geographic boundaries. In keeping with Kolb’s experiential learning cycle, workshop participants resolved to put plans into action and convene again at SSI 2017 and at a fall regional meeting focused on faculty development.

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