Do Now U! Would You Support a Ban on Disposable Chopsticks?

Do Now U! Would You Support a Ban on Disposable Chopsticks?

NCSCE and KQED are partnering on Do Now U, a project that engages undergraduate students in online discussion through social media about current scientific issues.


This week’s Do Now U asks, “Would You Support a Ban on Disposable Chopsticks?”

The post, written by Mai Hagihara, Anh Nguyen, Liza Simon, Manami Tokumoto and Yo Inoue, students at University of Hawaii at Manoa, asks readers if we should ban disposable chopsticks.

Supporters of a ban on chopsticks point out that major manufacturers in China and Japan annually harvest more than 20 million trees to collect the raw materials for making disposable chopsticks. This deforestation will have environmental consequences across the globe if it continues. Others say that disposable chopsticks are more sanitary and can be manufactured from wood that would otherwise be wasted.

So, what do you think? Should the world continue to use disposable chopsticks or would it be better to shift to reusable ones? Why or why not? Is there a middle ground between reducing environmental impact and sanitation concerns?


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