Resources for Teaching On-Line

As campuses move to on-line instruction in response to COVID-19, generous colleagues have been passing along resources for teaching on-line and we will post them as the come in:

From Suann Yang:

  1. #AcademicTwitter has been full of recommendations and resources for transitioning to online teaching this week.  Here are a few:
  2. org – biological datasets and case studies focused on research studies. Some cases are targeted to K-12, some to undergrad audiences.
  3. Edpuzzle – a free tool integrated with YouTube that allows instructors to embed analytical questions within the video content. Students can’t advance the video w/o answering the question. The videos can be incorporated into Canvas. Find it at:  com
  4. Hypothesishas made their online annotation tool available to add to any LMS. It allows collaborative annotation of a text (sounds humanities-y, but could be useful for seminar-style “discussion”/annotation of journal articles). find more info at:
  5.– interactive simulations in the sciences
  6. some suggested class project/assignments using online resources:  assigned Wikipedia edits, fact-checking podcasts

Not all of the suggestions below are from scientists, but there are good ideas here:

  1. A googledoc of resources:
  2. a blogpost with lots of ideas of effective tools to use online:
  4. if you are on twitter, check out the hashtags #covidclassroom & #covidcampus for more idea

    Suann Yang

SUNY Geneseo Biology Department
1 College Circle, ISC 256
Geneseo, NY  14454

From Sarah Miller:

I’ve compiled a growing list of resources for moving wet labs to digital, including several from SABER contributions in the past few days, plus many other sources. It’s designed for the Tiny Earth CURE, but most of the resources are more general for bio/micro/STEM labs. Email me directly if you have additional resources you’d like added.

Sarah M Miller
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery
Executive Director of Tiny Earth


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