Photo Contest! Share Pictures of Students Engaged in Active Learning

In an effort to expand features on our community members’ work, NCSCE is continuing a series of photo contests to source and highlight images that convey the broad scope of our community, our commitment to active learning strategies, and our belief in learning by doing. We are seeking photos of students engaged in field and coursework. Does your course involve hands-on exploration? Do your students design their own experiments to understand complicated problems? Are your students sharing their work with the campus, local, or national community?

Images that capture students engaged in their work tell a larger story, and demonstrate, in a way that words alone cannot, how involvement in SENCER, SENCER-ISE, or Engaging Mathematics courses makes a difference.


Contest Winners

In addition to bragging rights, contest winners and runners up will be displayed on the NCSCE and SENCER websites. Top submissions will be spotlighted in written profiles publicizing the work and achievements of you and your students.


Contest Guidelines

Please submit your best fieldwork photos for consideration. Photos should be large enough for web publishing. Most smartphones and digital cameras released in the past 3-4 years will take high quality pictures appropriate for use on the web. When submitting your photo, please send the highest resolution size available. Horizontal photographs are preferred, and should be at least 748 x 346 pixels. Vertical photographs are also allowed, but may be trimmed if selected as a finalist. Photo file format should be JPEG. Please ensure all students pictured are over 18 years of age and consent to the photograph being shared. If you are not submitting a photo you took yourself, please ensure that the photo you submit can be published without violating copyright.


How to Submit

Individuals are allowed to submit a maximum of three photos each. Please include the following information with each photograph:

– A summary of the course and activity the student(s) is engaged in, and how this is connected with SENCER/SENCER-ISE/Engaging Math. Information about goals for the activity/fieldwork would also be appreciated, and a background of your involvement with our community would be interesting for our readers.

– The person or people included in the photo.

– If you did not take the photo, please include the name of the photographer.

– Please make sure the photo file name includes your last name so we can keep track of submissions.


Submit your photo(s) by February 26, 2018 to



The photograph above was the winner of our first photo contest. The photo, submitted by Chris Parsons, features graduate student Samantha Oester conducting fieldwork. 

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