2016 NCSCE Washington Symposium The Ecosystem of Science Communication: Communicating the Science Solution

2016 NCSCE Washington Symposium to Explore the Ecosystem of Science Communication

The National Center for Science and Civic Engagement solicits proposals for presentations and posters on the theme of The Ecosystem of Science Communication: Communicating the Science Solution. The meeting will take place in Washington, DC, on October 21, 2016.

The shifting political landscape and the upcoming elections have underscored the need for scientific literacy in all facets of our society. Yet increasing polarization also means that science educators have a narrower pathway for accurately and effectively communicating about science and its implications for public policy and human behavior.

This meeting will convene experts in science communication to help educators in high schools, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations, public media, libraries, museums, and other informal education institutions better understand possible conflicts between scientific evidence and personal or political beliefs, and how to successfully navigate these issues.

In addition to specialists in the NCSCE community who will deliver sessions on this topic, we have invited partners including Dan Kahan of Yale University’s Center for Cultural Cognition, Andrea Aust of KQED, and Elizabeth Bass of the Alan Alda Center for Science Communication to share their expertise with meeting participants. We also invite veteran and new members of the NCSCE community to propose sessions that describe how you’ve met the challenge of communicating science at your own institutions, and posters that highlight your institution’s work in science and civic engagement.

The deadline for proposal submission is September 14, 2016. Submitters will be notified by October 3, 2016. The deadline for general registration is October 11, 2016. Late registrants will be considered on a space available basis.

For more information on our program and our venues, visit the 2016 Washington Symposium webpage.

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