"Are Artificially Intelligent Military Systems Worth the Risk?"Photo credit: Brigadier Lance Mans, Deputy Director, NATO Special Operations Coordinator Centre

Do Now U! Are Artificially Intelligent Military Systems Worth the Risk?

NCSCE and KQED are partnering on Do Now U, a project that engages undergraduate students in online discussions through social media about current scientific issues.

We kick off the Fall 2016 semester of Do Now U with “Are Artificially Intelligent Military Systems Worth the Risk?”, written by Thaddeus Ng, who completed his MS in Computer Science at Southern Connecticut State University.

In the post, Thaddeus details the support and controversy surrounding the use and development of artificially intelligent military systems. Thaddeus then invites other students and the public to share their thoughts on the issue.

Join the Conversation!

Do Now U is an excellent way to increase students’ science communication skills as they engage in well researched online discussions. Assign Do Now U as a warm-up exercise or short homework assignment. Students can share their thoughts directly on the post or on Twitter using the hashtag #DoNowUAI.

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Previous Do Now U posts cover topics ranging from global healthcare to the economic vs. ecological impacts of wildlife conservation. Browse all available posts.

If you are interested in having your students create a Do Now U post during the Spring 2017 semester, read more about the project and application process. Applications are due September 30, 2016.

Photo credit: U.S. Air Force/Master Sgt. Dennis J. Henry Jr.

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  1. I think that this could go in many different ways. Either we could use these and deal with the consequences of what it could hurt besides our enemies. Or we could not use them and let other technology come into place. I think there are other items that we could create other than a robot to help with out military. People join the military for a reason and if we take our humans out there would be less jobs for a lot of people in the world. I personally think that this would be a very bad idea.

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