NCSCE Photo Contest Results!

In January, we opened submissions for another NCSCE photo contest, this time, focused on the theme of students engaged in active learning. We received a lot of excellent submissions, leading to a very competitive voting process. Community members’ photos included students conducting a trash audit, working with elementary school students, using tree-ring analysis to evaluate climate conditions, conducting bio-monitoring projects, and planting native trees to improve habitats, among many other activities.


The winning photograph, featured above, was submitted by Dr. Sita Ramamurti of Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC, and was taken by Dr. Shizuka Hsieh, also of Trinity. The photo includes Shelda Summons, Cierra Wiggins, Najiyah VonHendricks, Michko Haag, students who took part in water quality monitoring on the Potomac as part of Introductory Chemistry and Environmental Science. Through the project, students learned about acid-base and oxidation-reduction chemistry in the context of acidification and eutrophication in the Chesapeake Bay. A key laboratory activity was collecting data on the Potomac River with thanks to the Alice Ferguson Foundation, who compile student data longitudinally. Students took pride in making real measurements that went into a real database.


In following issues of the eNews, we will bring you the top runners up in the contest. Thank you again to all of you who took the time to send in photos that communicate the student experience in SENCER courses!

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