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Stem Cells and Social Justice

Chamany, Katayoun
. Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Natural Sciences and Math; Balinsky, Warren. Associate Professor of Health Services Management; Pettinger, Michael. Assistant Professor, Religious Studies and Literature; Rubin, Lisa, Assistant Professor of Health Psychology and Gender Studies; Snitow, Ann, Associate Professor of Literature and Gender Studies, Director of Gender Studies, Wargaski, Julia, Assistant Professor of Communication Design, The New School, New York, NY.; Newstetter, Wendy, Director of Learning Sciences, Georgia Tech University, and Asch, Adrienne, Director of the Center for Ethics, Yeshiva University

A 2012 SENCER Model

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Pregnancy Outcomes Cover

Pregnancy Outcomes in American Women

Sean Flaherty, Department of Economics, Franklin & Marshall College
Alison Kibler, Department of American Studies and Program in Women and Gender Studies, Franklin & Marshall College
Kirk Miller, Department of Biology, Franklin & Marshall College
Berwood Yost, Floyd Institute Center for Opinion Research, Franklin & Marshall College

A 2008 SENCER Model

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